About This Project

Edkaasa is an online LMS platform where students can learn, watch and read content online, and can schedule the online lecture with the teachers. Not just that they can also attempt the online test via Edkaasa and can see their reports of how much time they spent, grades, courses they learn via digital dashboards.


UX/UI Design



Android App

Server Side





  • Integration with diverse educational systems and platforms

  • Compliance with educational regulations and standards

  • User-friendly interfaces and intuitive user experience

  • Collaboration and communication tools for remote learning


Scalable DataPipilines were developed using entirely Micro Services Architecture and processed upto 20+ TeraBytes of Data; Overall system capabilty is 3PB. Upto 2M transactions are handled each day by one of our Proprietary software; entirely built in-house from scratch.

  • Edkasa successfully integrated with various educational systems, learning management systems (LMS), and online educational platforms, providing seamless connectivity and interoperability for students, teachers, and institutions.

  • Edkasa closely adhered to educational regulations and standards, such as FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), ensuring compliance with student data privacy and educational policies.

  • Edkasa focused on designing user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, enabling students and teachers to navigate the platform easily, access educational resources, collaborate, and engage effectively in the learning process

  • Edkasa developed collaboration and communication tools, such as real-time messaging, discussion boards, and video conferencing capabilities, fostering interaction and effective communication between students and teachers in remote learning environments.