Grant Assistant

About This Project

GrantAssistant is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the grant-seeking and proposal-writing process. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it empowers users to efficiently discover, evaluate, and apply for grants that align with their objectives. GrantAssistant's intuitive interface simplifies complex tasks, offering real-time content suggestions and collaboration tools that streamline proposal creation. With advanced analytics and role-based access, it caters to diverse users, from grant seekers to administrators and reviewers. This innovative solution ensures data security, compliance, and personalized support for each stage of the grant lifecycle. GrantAssistant is your essential partner in securing funding, enhancing productivity, and driving success in the competitive world of grants and funding opportunities.


UX/UI Design



Android App

Server Side


Software Development

Artificial Intelligence



Grant Assistant, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting education initiatives, faced a  significant challenge in managing and streamlining their grant application and management process.  Their existing system was manual and time-consuming, hindering their ability to efficiently allocate  funds to deserving projects.


AugmentScale developed a customized grant management platform, integrating advanced data  engineering and automation techniques. This platform facilitated the end-to-end grant application  process, from submission to approval and disbursement. It incorporated machine learning algorithms to  assess and prioritize grant applications based on predefined criteria


Dramatic reduction in processing time for grant applications, from weeks to days.  
Improved transparency and accountability in the grant allocation process.  
Enhanced accuracy in identifying projects that align with Grant Assistant's mission and goals.  
A significant increase in the number of successful projects funded, leading to a broader impact on  education initiatives


"We were amazed by the efficiency and accuracy of the Grant Assistant platform developed by  AugmentScale. It has revolutionized the way we manage our grant applications, allowing us to support  more deserving projects and make a more significant impact on education."